The Religious System of China 中国宗教系统 (全六册)

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作者:J. ; J. ; M. ; DE ; GROOT






本书试图描绘真正奉行于全中国之中国宗教,及其对公民与社会生活之影响,展现作者与华人种族之间多年以来亲密接触之研究成果。 本书的编排方式是以卷(Book)来划分,每一卷分别处理中国宗教系统不同的部分。后起之卷以前卷之数据为论述之基石,故整本书呈现一连续之面貌,然各卷又可分别独立、供读者自由利用。在卷一(Book I)之前的两章节传达的是本书普遍写作方法之概念,便于读者掌握以阅览全书。The present work is an attempt at depicting the Chinese Religious as it is really practised by the nation, and at sketching on a broad scale its influence on Domestic and Social Life. It is the fruit of an intimate contact with the Chinese race for several years.The plan of this work being essentially different from that hitherto followed by most writers on Chinese Religious and Ethnography, very little material collected by them can enter into its composition. This will stamp the present work as an entirely new production, drawn up independently of all previous writers.On the arrangements of this work, it is subdivided in Books, each Book dealing with a separate part of the Religious System of Chin